"Tina has made a huge impact with my daughter's confidence and self-esteem. She encourages her to be the best she can be by setting goals, striving to go beyond perceived limitations and believing in one's self and abilities." Carrie

"Tina is the first teacher that my daughter has really connected with, and loves attending her lessons. Tina has also been as asset to me and my family as she works hard to assist and encourage healthy families. She wants success!" - Sarah

"Tina is a fabulous teacher, but more than that she is a Mentor, Counsellor and a great Role Model, and now a friend as well." - Diana

I have been an acting student learning from Tina Moore for two years. Her acting class is a fun, friendly, and work-focused atmosphere where I feel like I belong with the students and the support of my teacher." - Martin

"Tina doesn't ono help with the technical aspects of singing, she also helps with the self confidence. At the time, I was a high school student. As you my know, being in high school is a very challenging part of life for some students. I would go to my voice lesson every Wednesday and that would be the most exciting part of my week. One because I love to sing and two because I absolutely adored the confidence boost I got when I was with Tina."  - Patrick

"My first exposure to Tina Moore was as a professional actress and singer in our community. She is a talented and gifted performer. In the summer of 2005 we learned that Tina Moore was offering a youth acting program. We met with Tina and learned that the philosophical tenants of her program were congruent with our family's goals. Respect, diversity, accountability, and commitment are some of the program components modelled and taught within Tina Moore's curriculum."  - Joe and Wanda

"Tina genuinely connects  with each individual in her class and supports them as they develop skills for the stage as well as skills for their everyday lives. I have personally recommended Tina Moore's Stage Presence Program to families looking for meaningful extracurricular activities for their children." - Wanda P

"To the women who changed my live completely, Tina Moore, I could write pages and pages of thank you's but it would never be enough. Thank you for everything." - Hunter